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Nutmeg Tea Benefits - Enjoying Nature’s Bounty

Nutmeg is a spice known to many people throughout the world. This exotic spice comes from the tropic areas of the world, and has been sought after for its culinary and fragrant qualities. Historically, the Dutch waged war in the East Indies in order to acquire the rights to this evergreen tree, although now it can be bought in almost every grocery store. This delicately flavored spice is a staple in pumpkin pies and other culinary dishes. However, now that many people have turned to herbal remedies for medicinal healing, nutmeg tea benefits are intriguing, and it is becoming a popular herbal health remedy.

Nutmeg, which has the botanical name Myristica fragrans, is produced from the seed of this tropical evergreen tree primarily found in Indonesia. The tree grows to about 25 feet high, and produces the fruit that is harvested for the nutmeg seed. It is the seed that is ground and used as a spice or an ingredient for nutmeg tea. The nutmeg tea benefits are not yet fully understood. The clinical study of herbal properties of well-known plants is undergoing a massive swell of popularity, but this also means that some of the medicinal properties of many botanicals are not yet isolated.

Nutmeg tea benefits are some of the least-known of the many types of herbal remedies available. Most people simply use nutmeg as a spice, and have no idea that nutmeg has been used for centuries to induce hypnotic trances in ancient religious ceremonies. While the more mundane benefits of nutmeg include antimicrobial and antifungal properties, the scope of its psychotropic qualities is mostly what it has been used for in the past. However, consumers of nutmeg tea need to be aware that there are dangers associated with over-dosage of this product. Nutmeg can lead to hallucinations or even death if not properly administered.

If you can properly adjust the amounts of nutmeg to meet with your body’s metabolism and weight, you can enjoy the nutmeg tea benefits without worry, and if you wish to enjoy the risk-free medicinal qualities of nutmeg tea, there is an easy way to do so. Used externally as a medicinal wash on the skin, nutmeg tea can fight athlete’s foot and skin infections and you do not need to worry about the internal side effects of headache, convulsion, hallucinations, delirium, and dehydration. Again, you can safely drink this beverage if you carefully watch the dosage levels and always use common sense.

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